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NVIDIA GeForce 610M Performance Review

August 1, 2012
NVIDIA GeForce 610M

The NVIDIA GeForce 610M is a beginner devoted notebook computer movie card and depending on the same processor chip like the Geforce GT 520M or GeForce GT 520MX. It is depending on the GF119 like the GT 520M and can function time prices up to 520MX stage (900MHz). Using DDR3, the 64 Bit storage bus may become a bottleneck for it clip card. Furthermore, low clocked variations are also seen in the crazy. Our Acer Desire 5750G evaluation device for example was clocked only at 672 MHz (lower than the 740MHz of the GT 520M).


The GF119 provides 48 ALUs, 8 structure models and a 64 Bit storage interface for DDR3-VRAM. Therefore, it is just like a 50 percent GF108 (GeForce GT 540M) but is produced with enhanced transistors. As a distinction the amount of raster-operation-processors (ROP) remained the same at 4. The GF119 is the tiniest processor chip of the Fermi creation and is used for low-end notebooks. Nvidia Driver Download


As a beginner card, the (GT) Geforce 610M Driver has to contend against the Apple HD Design 3000 in the present Exotic Link processor chip snacks. The efficiency is determined by the processor chip time connections of the Nvidia 610M Download Driver and therefore varies between the GeForce Driver GT 520M and GT 520MX. Therefore challenging movie games like Crysis 2 or Mafia 2 run with complete confidence only in the smallest details and solutions. Less challenging movie games like Fifa world cup 11 or Sim cards 3 should be usable even in high details configurations.


Like 500M sequence snacks, the 610M facilitates Bitstream HD Sound (Blu-Ray) outcome via HDMI. That indicates the card is able to exchange Dolby Real HD and DTS-HD bitstream-wise to a HiFi device without excellent reduction.

The 610M Driver provides the PureVideo HD technological innovation for movie deciphering. The involved Video Processor 5 (VP5) facilitates function set D and therefore the GPU is able to completely decipher MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 Aspect 2 (MPEG-4 ASP – e.g., DivX or Xvid), VC-1/WMV9, and H.264 (VLD, IDCT, Movement Settlement, and Deblocking). As opposed to mature VP4, the VP5 provides quicker decodes at reduced energy, HD-to-SD transcodes and 4K x 4K excellent H.264 decipher assistance.

Furthermore, the GPU is able to decipher two 1080p sources at the same time (e.g. for Blu-Ray Picture-in-Picture).

Through CUDA, OpenCL, and DirectCompute 2.1 assistance, the GeForce GT 610M Driver can be of help in common computations. For example, the flow processor chip can scribe video clips quicker than a quick CPU can. Furthermore, science computations can be in theory done by the GPU using PhysX (e.g. reinforced by Mafia 2 or City 2033) but the efficiency will not be adequate for this.

Nvidia Geforce 610M Driver Readmore >>


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