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Nvidia Geforce4 mx 4000 Review and Specifications

July 29, 2012
Nvidia Geforce4 mx 4000

Specifications :

Graphics controller – NVIDIA® GeForce MX 4000

Memory Configuration – 128MB DDR

Graphics Core: 256-bit

Memory Interface: 128MB

RAMDACs (MHz): 350


TV out

Nvidia Geforce4 mx 4000

Accuview Antialiasing – The Accuview Antialiasing subsystem with innovative multisampling components provides full-scene antialiased excellent at efficiency levels never before seen.

Lightspeed Storage Structure II – LMA II increases effective memory information by up to 300%. Extreme new technologies-including Z-occlusion culling, fast Z-clear, and auto pre-charge-effectively increase the memory information to ensure liquid shape rates for the newest 3D and 2D games and programs.

Unified Car owner Structure (UDA) – Assures forwards and backwards interface with application individuals. Makes easier improving to a new NVIDIA product because all NVIDIA products work with the same driver application.

8x AGP – Provides dual the information of AGP 4X-2.1GB/sec. vs. 1.1BG/sec. AGP 8X allows more complicated designs and specific designs, creating better and more natural conditions. Continuous data circulation allows for better movie loading and quicker, more smooth game play.

Highest Quality and Maximum Performance Ms Microsoft windows XP Support – Fully increases Ms windows XP media and individual connections, making it the ideal Ms windows XP design solution. Nvidia Geforce4 mx 4000

Video Handling Website (VPE) – Incorporated high-definition Video Handling Website provides the finest excellent DVD, movie, and show outcome available in you need to. Incorporated components MPEG2 decoder decreases CPU usage for DVD play-back to provide a longer watching experience. Incorporated TV Encoder Assisting 1024×768 Quality Provides best-in-class TV-out performance.

Lossless Z-Compression – LMA II contains a lossless form of Z-compression that provides a 4:1 benefit. Pressure is a essential strategy in saving memory information for higher efficiency.

MX Storage Crossbar – Double memory remotes allow more effective using memory information.

Quad Storage cache – LMA II contains a caching system for primitives, vertices, designs and p. These caches are independently devoted and enhanced for almost immediate design direction access and use.

Nvidia Geforce 4 mx 4000 Driver Readmore >>

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