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Dell Inspiron 6000 driver download

May 13, 2012

Dell Inspiron 6000 driver download windows XP

I considered several systems for this purchase. The first was the Fujitsu N3510. By far that was the system I recommended as I like Fujitsu’s N series. However, the price tag was too much for my parents to want to pay. The second option was a couple of inexpensive Acer Travelmate systems featuring both Centrino and Turion 64 systems. Although the Acer’s were nice and the pricing was right, the quality of Acer products has never impressed my family and nobody really likes the curved keyboard. A few other options were the Asus Z80k, Asus Z71, and Sony VGN-A2401. I personally really like both Asus and Sony. But both Asus systems were declined because of the types of retailers offering the systems at competitive prices and their unfamiliarity to us. The Sony system was also turned down due to price after taking into account the amount of money to get the system up to 512 MB of ram and due to the 725 Pentium M.

After looking over all of the above models, we finally settled on the Dell Inspiron 6000D. Initially this was my last choice, although it had always been an option. As a current XPS2 owner who ordered through an Employee Purchase Program (EPP) just like my parents were about to do, I can say I’m still a little bitter about that massive $600-saving 35% off discount coupon that randomly appeared shortly after my purchase. One of the nice things about purchasing an inexpensive 6000D is that even when Dell does run better or worse promotions the amount of money that could be saved or lost is close enough that it’s not going to make you mad in most cases.

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